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Natal Split Lacquer Originals Maple 4pc Shell Pack - Black/Orange Sparkle



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Drum Central Thoughts and Comments..

LOVE THESE! Cannot explain how good these are! In all honesty can't say I've heard a better kit for a while. Customers who have bought these are over the moon... even some who have more than one kit cannot see passed these.
Warm but with proper cut from the 45% baring edge and more sustain than Bill Withers singing "Lovely Day" inside a large church bell...
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Shell Pack Includes 

 22x18 Bass Drum

10x6.5 Racks

12x7 Tom

16x14 floor Tom
7 ply Maple.
Tom Holders
Remo Emperor Coated on the Toms and Powerstroke 3 on the Bass Drum
Brushed nickel hardware
Shell mounted telescopic bass drum legs
Insulated Bass Drum Claws
sun logo nut boxes
 Please note this shell pack does not include Snare,cymbals or hardware.