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Pearl S-830 Snare Stand


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Drum Central thought and comments..

Pearl hardware 800 series is the new standard hardware coming with the Export series kits.

Although now lighter weight than the old 800 gear it's still a great option for the weekend player, nice build quality and a trusted name in drums.



Pearl S-830 Snare Drum Stand Details
The Pearl S-830 Snare Drum Stand is a durable lightweight stand for 13'' - 14'' snare drums. It features sturdy double braced legs and an infinitely adjustable Uni-Lock tilter, along with rubber tips on both the arms and legs of the stand for improved grip.
  • Maximum Height: 24.41''
  • Minimum Height: 16.93''
  • Basket Size: 13'' - 14''
  • Tilter: Uni-Lock
  • Arm Tips: Rubber
  • Legs: Double Braced
  • Leg Tips: Rubber