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Pearl Demonator Double Bass Drum Pedal P-932


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Drum Central thoughts and Comments

Love this pedal! Besides the perhaps slightly silly name this pedal delivers on performance and feel like no other "standard" pedal.
Fast n furious the Demonater may even wake the dead from their graves (most likely not,though I have played to a few "zombie" crowds over the years)



Pearl Demonator Double Bass Drum Pedal P-932
Pearl changed the game with the introduction of the Eliminator Demon Drive Pedal in 2009. Now in 2013, Pearl introduces the Demonator bass drum pedal. Featuring the industry leading characteristics of the award winning Demon Drive pedals, the Demonator is a wonderful addition to the Demon Drive family. The Demonator is a single-chain drive pedal, equipped with a Demon Style Powershifter longboard An interchangeable cam (US Pat. #6172291) and infinitely adjustable beater angle allow you to customize the pedal to your preferred feel and power. Pearl’s Click-Lock spring tension keepers and Control Core Beater give the finishing touches to this amazingly versatile pedal. The Demonator single pedal is included in Pearl’s new 930 and 830 Hardware Packs. A Demonator Double Pedal and Double Pedal Conversion Kit are also available.