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Pearl Demon Drive Double Bass Pedal P-3002C


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My theory on pedals is, does it feel right to you? I've been lucky enough in the past to take a pedal from the box and it feels great form the start.. not touched a thing ! however a pedal like this with all the adjustments in the world will leave you in no doubt that you can set it up to feel the way YOU want it too, after all it's your feet and deserves the best!



Pearl Demon Drive Double Bass Pedal P-3002C
THE SMOOTHEST, FASTEST, MOST VERSATILE PEDAL IN PEARL’S HISTORY! In 2009 Pearl established a new standard for bass drum pedals with the Demon Drive, the smoothest, fastest most versatile pedal in the world, and now it’s time for a little… chain. Introducing the all new Demon Chain with all the features of a Demon pedal plus the strength and power of a chain. Heavenly Feel. Your choice of Direct Link or Chain Drive, spherical bearings and a combination of custom settings create the smoothest pedal action possible. Wickedly Fast. Micro polished Ninja bearings, self-aligning spherical bearings and the zero latency Z-Link give all Demon pedals incredible speed.Unchained power. The NEW ultra-lightweight Power Chain features low-friction rollers and double chain construction for incredible power and dependability.