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PDP Concept Double Pedal PDDPCXF



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Drum Central Thoughts and Comments

Longboard pedals have increased in popularity in the last few years but have usually been produced by the more specialist manufactures. Dw is bringing you an affordable option through the PDP brand. Nice quality all round on the pedal, proving very popular with our speedier metal players but also techie types who are looking to develop bass drum technique... lots of room for maneuvering on this long plate.
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Designed to be the flagship pedal of the PDP line, the all-new PDP Concept pedal is fast, smooth and unlike any PDP pedal before it. The most obvious departure is its distinct look. With extended length XF brushed aluminum footboard and low-mass cam, it's a solid performer that rivals much more expensive offerings. A DW-style spring rocker adjustment, lightweight aluminum base plate and PDP beater are all standard on both single and double models. PDP Concept Series Single Pedal Features: Cobalt Low-Mass Cam Retractable Spurs Needle Bearing Hinge Dual Chain Drive XF Extended Footboard (270mm/10.6in) Offset Toe Clamp DW Spring Rocker Adjustment