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Mapex P600TW Double Pedal - Chrome


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Drum Central Thoughts and Comments

Part of our best selling mid range kit, the Mars Series 600 hardware is SO keenly priced. Outstanding quality and performance, if you're shopping by price 600's every bit as good as other options 20-30 pounds more expensive in our opinion.



Mapex P600TW Double Pedal - Chrome
P600TW FEATURES Solid Steel Base Plate Retractable Floor Spikes Extended Footboard Length Double Chain drive Falcon Beater (no weights) Silver Mars Hardware features lightweight yet highly functional stands and simple but sturdy pedals that will serve the needs of gigging drummers needing to lighten their load or younger players looking to make a major upgrade. Mars Hardware comes in either chrome or black-plated finish to the style of any player. P600TW Mars Double Bass Drum Pedal A Solid Steel Base Plate and Retractable Floor Spikes provide stability during aggressive play. The double chain creates a more solid feel and great durability. Newly designed high speed footboard