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Gibraltar Bass Drum Dampening Felt (1pk)



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Gibraltar Bass Drum Dampening Felt

Designed for your bass drum this is a 2 pack of 2.25" wide Gibraltar felt strips which you mount inside your drumhead for sound shaping.

Many percussionists prefer a more dry sound with less ring, based on a vintage technique of using a strip of felt across the inside of the skin to cut down on unwanted ring this product is designed to be easily installed under the ring for that focused tone and response.



  • Product Dimensions: 2 1/4 wide"
  • Fits up to 26" drum
  • Fitting the strips
  • 1.Slacken off the tuning lugs and remove the drum hoop and the drum head.
  • 2.Stretch one of your Gibraltar felt strips across the drum.
  • 3.Keeping the strip tight, replace the drum head.
  • 4.Replace the hoop and tighten evenly.
  • 5.Done.