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Paiste PST X Swiss 16" Hi Hats Cymbals PSTXSWHH16



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Drum Central Thoughts and Comments

PSTX range is really the most incredible FX cymbal range I've heard, a huge array of cool interesting sounds to give great colour to your music and expression. These bad boys are made from quality metals and made with the utmost respect in the Paiste factory in Switzerland. Not sure you can spend your cash more wisely if FX is what your after.



Paiste PST X Swiss 16" Hi Hats
Features: Size: 16" Weight: medium thin top / medium thin bottom Volume: low to medium loud Stick Sound: washy Intensity: lively Sustain: medium short Chick Sound: dirty, dry Sound Character: Warm, rough, fuzzy. Fairly narrow range, complex mix. Fairly soft and responsive feel. Noisy open sound. Impure chick sound. Focused hi-hat for applications in electronic music, Hip-Hop or as an auxiliary hi-hat.